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Four Years of Science Blogging and Communicating Science!

I almost completely forgot that exactly four years ago today, I launched my blog! 🎊
Four years ago! 

I've not been active on my blog lately, mainly because I'm working on my dissertation and my future career steps after my masters is finally over🕐😭
Everything blog related is postponed till September, where I'll start blogging about what I've been working on in the past year (also dissertation tips) and things I wish I'd known before starting a masters degree. 🎓

In the meantime I thought I'd share with you, my most read blog posts, the ones you really enjoyed!

Starting off with a series on scientists: Scientist of the week 5: Elsie Widdowson

A bit of psychology... Why do we remember bad memories easier than good ones?

A recent-ish, STS themed post, asking the question: Are we as science communicators, doing our job?

A badly phrased question, to a really important answer: Does the public trust clinical trials?

One for the people who s…

Top 3 Ways to Beat the Cold and Flu this winter!


The Chemistry of Muffin Making (best muffin recipe EVER!)

Dark Chocolate Improves Vasodilation (Yay for lower blood pressure!)

Great News for Wikipedia Lovers

Pearly Whites = Perfect Health [Info-graphic]

Don't believe the science lies: Okra water Cures Diabetes

Weight-Loss Surgery Cures Diabetes

5 Facts about Antihistamines

Micro-needle Plasters

New Hopes for Hepatitis-C Vaccine

8 Facts about Coconut Water

Bacteria Decides if you’ll be Fat or Thin

Exam Drug Fails to Live up to its Expectations

5 Health Myths Everyone Follows Today: Corrected!

Ozone Nano-Bubble Water: Breakthrough for Chemists and Dentists

Deleting Paracetamol from the Pharmaceutical Dictionary

Manipulation of Anthrax to Deliver Cancer Drugs to Tumours

Sugar is more addictive than cocaine... – what?!

White Tea Inhibits Proliferation of Colon Cancer Cells

Botox utilized as a medical prevention of abnormal joint adhesion.

A dose of dark chocolate a day will keep the doctor away!

All Things Sweet about the Chemistry of Honey

Coffee has evolved twice!

Combating E. coli Drug Resistance by Mutation

There needs to be more research on Opioid painkillers and Enkephalins!

Coffee: the Good, the Better and the Not-So-Good

A new hope for Parkinson’s disease …?

Coconut water: healthy or hype?

Should we fear the Ebola virus or not?

A little bit more about me

Vitamin C Does Nothing for Your Cold But it can put off Cancer

My First Blog Post!