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What they don’t tell you about Facts and Theories at School | GUEST POST

I have come to notice one thing, scientists can be rather condescending and mean to anyone who seems to have any arguments against scientific theories and facts. Especially when you’re not a scientist. In fact, some can be downright awful and make fun of you. This defensiveness appears when we scientists think you’ve made some outlandish remark about a fact that we’ve known for centuries…fact being the key word here. It’s amazing to me how little time scientists spend explaining what the difference between fact and theory actually is. What qualifies a fact to be considered the fact, is it simply the complete truth? And if so, why do some individuals attempt to discredit science at every given opportunity?

5 (+1) Tips on Giving Presentations Without Being Nervous (PART 3)

I have given a number of presentations, however, up until recently presentations were something I would hide from and try to avoid at all costs because of my nerves.  But thanks to my philosophy of science lecturer, I gave a presentation which gave me the confidence to fight the voices in my head that scare me away from giving presentations. So, I want to give you some tips that I've learnt along the way. This isn't to say that I'm 100% perfect at giving presentations, there is a lot I need to work on too, but these tips have helped me give good presentations that got good marks. In the midst of giving my thesis presentation. I use my hands a lot to explain my work LOL.