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Time for a change.

Twenty-twenty has been incredibly difficult for everyone, especially when it comes to remaining productive and enthusiastic about your work. At least this has been the case for me, since the beginning of 2021. In 2020, work commitments took up my brain space and made me lose all enthusiasm for my blog, “Crystals and Catalysts” and science writing in general. I would be so exhausted by the weekend I wouldn’t have the energy to focus on anything else.  After speaking to a couple of friends, I felt that I needed to have a clear focus on what I am communicating and who I am communicating to. Thanks to their advice and encouraging words, I am now working on a new project which has a clearer focus and it is something that I enjoy reading and writing about. This doesn’t mean “Crystals and Catalysts” is going anywhere, it’s still my ‘beloved first-born’ but sometimes you need to try something new.  So you will be seeing some changes to this account (including the social media handles!) and a r