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A little bit more about me

I graduated in medicinal chemistry in November 2013. I really enjoyed studying medicinal chemistry at university (apart from organic chemistry!) and I wish it was a better known subject of study.

Before I went to study medicinal chemistry at university I wanted to study pharmacy or bio-medical science, because those were the main courses I have heard of. But I went on to do some work experience in a pharmacy and I realized that I just couldn't imagine spending the rest of my life in a position like this. So I went back to researching different courses at university. I found biochemistry, pure biology, pure chemistry bio-medical sciences but I still wasn't convinced.

One day I walked into my chemistry class and overheard a conversation between a class mate and our teacher. He was asking him about what he thought about Medicinal Chemistry as a subject. The name got me interested and right away I looked it up online and applied through all the universities that studied medicinal chemistry and went on to study medicinal chemistry at university.

At first when I told neighbours / family friends I’m going onto study medicinal chemistry they would sort of pause and then assume I’m going onto study medicine (I wish) and then I would have to explain to them what medicinal chemistry is, and they would congratulate me and wish me the best in my studies.

Did you study any unusual courses at university and what were people’s reactions when you told them about your choices, comment below!