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Ozone Nano-Bubble Water: Breakthrough for Chemists and Dentists

Ozone is typically associated with the ozone layer that surrounds the Earth and any articles about it are usually about the size of the hole in the ozone layer and how and what affects it every day. But that isn't what this article is about.

This blog post is about how ozone can be bubbled into water to make nano-bubble water that is a powerful antiseptic agent that can be used to treat periodontitis and other dental related problems. The new research was published in the journal: Science and Technology of advanced materials.
What is ozone nano-bubble water?

Ozone (O3) is a gas which is pumped through a porous membrane attached to a diffuser, injecting many ozone bubbles in the water (similar to how a fish tank air stone works), and as the ozone bubble enters the water an interaction between the ozone bubble surface and water occurs, dispersing ozone into the water.

Where is ozone nano-bubble water used?

In the UK at least 15% of adults have severe periodontitis caused by bacteria residing in “bio-films” or dental plaque causing the inflammation and swelling of the oral tissue surrounding our teeth.
Ozone nano-bubble water is a powerful antiseptic and is also has strong antibacterial activity against bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses.  This method was researched in vitro (in glass) and has been found to have a long-lasting effect against bacteria and had little effect on human tissue upon 24-hour exposure to ozone nano-bubble water.
One downfall to this research is that the ozone water must be used within the first 5-10 minutes after its synthesis to guarantee its potency. However it is a great antibacterial agent because it has a broad antibacterial spectrum and has a low potential of antibiotic resistance occurring.

This fascinating research is still being tested in the laboratories and we are still waiting to find out what its effects will have on human tissues and whether it will be used in dental surgeries.  

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