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Guest Posts & Marketing Inquiries

Guest Posts

Crystals and Catalysts is a great platform for new and established science communicators to share their thoughts with the world. Everyone is welcome as a guest on this website. So if you have a great idea for a guest post, please email Mariam (founder/author/editor of Crystals and Catalysts Science Blog) a short description of your idea to crystalsandcatalysts[@] gmail[.] com.

Advertisements and Marketing 

Occasionally I receive requests for guest posts to inform my readers about a specific product or a "guest post" written by a company to advertise their initiatives. These posts will only be featured on my website if the product is one that I deem useful and beneficial to my readers (and the audience who may see it on other social media channels). There is also a calculated fee for advertising on Crystals and Catalysts or to publish a press release on this website and social media channels connected to this website. For inquiries please email Mariam at crystalsandcatalysts[@] gmail[.] com.