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Great News for Wikipedia Lovers

We were always warned at university about the reliability of Wikipedia and that we shouldn't use it for guidance when working on projects and/or coursework and we're recommended to use Google Scholar and Science Direct for scientific research. Because Wikipedia is an open online encyclopedia in which everyone and anyone can edit and add to the pages, its reliability isn't 100%.

However the good news is, is that the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) have given access to the chemistry writers at Wikipedia access to their all their journals (gold accounts) so to ensure that every single piece of information on Wikipedia is correct and to update with all the latest updates in chemistry research. 

Donating 100 "RSC Gold" accounts to Wikipedia editors gives them access to the complete portfolio of RSC journals and databases. Andy Mabbett the RSC's Wikimedian in Residence commented to the Royal Society of Chemistry's blog "Royal Society of Chemistry journals are the first port of call for many scientists and Wikipedia is the first port of call for both students and lay people. It absolutely makes sense for the two to work together to share knowledge, freely, for the benefit of everyone".

This is great news for everyone who uses Wikipedia and especially students who depend on Wikipedia for information for their research and it's their first destination for information.