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Robots help autistic children

With all the research being conducted around autism, (trying to detect it earlier using biomarkers , therapy sessions, and trying to make life easier for the autistic child by engaging them in society) it's been found that sometimes, humans are not enough to solve the problem and so they've sought the help of robots. Yes, you've read that correctly, robots.  Diagnosed from early childhood, children with autism are restricted with a mental condition that prevents them from communications, expressing themselves and forming relationships with other people (adults and other children). Autistic children also have troubles with language and communicating abstract concepts. So to try and find a better method of treatment for the children, r esearchers at the Universidad Miguel Hern├índez (UMH) and AISOY Robotics are working together to expand the potential of their robot assistant for the treatment of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).   Welcome AIS