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Favourite Science Instagram Accounts - 30 Day blogging Challenge (Day 19)

Personally, I love instagram. Its great for sharing images be it in the lab or personal interests. Here's a list of my favourite science Instragram accounts, hope you like them and if there's someone I've missed out, comment below and tell me about them.

1- From the Lab Bench
The account of Paige Brown Jarreau - She's recently completed a PhD in science communication and she blogs about science communication & her research. But Paige's instagram is filled with her beautiful photography such as this blue bird here.

2- PopSci
This is the account of the popular science website: Popular Science, who post about the "latest science, tech and futuristic nerdery"

This is the account of the popular science blog: WIRED, who post about the science, technology and everything in between.

This account goes by the saying "Science is Art" and their instagrm is full of colourful images, such as this one of neurons and stem cells. Go to CellPress' instagram page to find out the story behind the image.

5- ASAP Science
This is the account of the popular science YouTube channel: ASAP Science, who have almost reached a staggering 4 million subscribers! They post a "weekly dose of interesting science" through videos and photos.