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One of Chemistry's Finest Delicacies | Molecular Gastronomy

If you've read Day 22 of my science blogging challenge you'll know that I love cooking and I love chemistry (obviously). I've recently discovered the BEST mix of chemistry and cooking:

Molecular Gastronomy!

(I know I might be a little bit late to the party but it's still awesome!)

Molecular gastronomy is a subcategory of food science that aims to find out the different ways of food's chemical and physical transformations. It uses different chemistry laboratory techniques, such as using liquid nitrogen (to freeze things really quickly), to make different takes on foods; and the best thing is, is that its still edible!

Click on the link to watch a detailed video about it on VSauce's Channel.

This video of powdered ice cream in a candy strawberry shows all the complex yet intriguing physical and chemical transformations that the ice cream and strawberries go though to get to the end product.