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The Reason Behind the Blog Name - 30 Day Science Blog Challenge (Day 2)

Every blog name/title has a story behind it; some maybe more interesting than others. 

After I decided that I wanted to start a science website, I had to choose a name. At the time, I had hopes that my blog would be more chemistry driven but I also chose a title that is mixed - just like Medicinal Chemistry (what I did my Bsc in).  

A couple of ideas I had for my blog name were:

  • protons & pyrimidines
  • neutrons & nucleotides
  • electrons & enzymes
  • as sweet as glucose
  • sweeter than glucose
  • chemistry crystals
  • crystals of chemistry
  • and finally: crystals & catalysts

The name Crystals and Catalysts was derived from two things: Crystals, from the most common product chemists make in the laboratory and also the most intriguing, and Catalysts are the substances that encourage reactions to happen.