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What Are You Currently Reading? 30 Day Blogging Challenge (Day 11)

A book I will start reading soon is: 

That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles:  Fascinating Chemistry of Everyday Life By Dr Joe Schwarcz 

Dr Schwarcz, through his book, gives 62 commentaries of chemistry of everyday life. The book has recieved many 5-star and mixed reviews, which is interesting. Most of the reviews portray that this book communicates chemistry in a light, and engaging manner to the reader, making it seem like a relaxing read, probably lighter than Bad Pharma by Ben Goldacre (also an awesome book). When I complete this book I will be writing a review for it in the near future. 

One 5-star review on Goodreads states:

After reading That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles: 62 all-new commentaries on the fascinating chemistry of everyday life by Dr. Joe Schwarcz, I have found chemistry to be a more appealing subject to study. Schwarcz expertly incorporates humor, relevant anecdotes and fun facts in his essays to explain the chemistry behind things such as arsenic and diseases. Even though this book was written in 2002, his voice is so fresh it seems like he wrote the book yesterday, and the information is still relevant today. This reading level is very appropriate for a mature level. I think all levels of students in high school could enjoy these essays. Non-science folks would be able to understand and enjoy this reading because the author Schwarcz incorporates history and pop culture references to his essays as well as science. I recommend this reading to all students in middle school and beyond. I would not recommend this reading to kids below middle school level because Schwarcz writes in a very mature way that requires focus skills that younger kids would struggle with. Science and non-science people with a broad number of interests can enjoy this book because each essay is a different topic. This allows for many readers with different interests to enjoy his writing.I thought the most interesting thing I learned from this reading was that an increased folic acid intake could reduce the chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease. This is interesting because my grandmother had Alzheimer’s disease and this information could possibly help my fellow family members and I to avoid getting it as well. Now I will encourage my family to eat more spinach and drink more orange juice. I learned this information from the essay “Lessons From Popeye”. I encourage others to share in this beneficial knowledge by reading this wonderful book, That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles: 62 all-new commentaries on the fascinating chemistry of everyday life by the intelligent author Dr. Joe Schwarcz.


I picked my next read from book list of recommendations by Stuart Cantrill,