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Science blogging problems - 30 Day blogging Challenge (Day 16)

Science Blogging Problems...

There are two main problems that some science bloggers may come across:
  1. closed access articles
  2. a smaller audience
The first and main problem I  have as a science blogger is closed-access articles. Usually I find a really good topic / idea for a blog post and I try and research suitable journals to support my article, but the one that would perfectly match my post is guessed it... closed access! So I cant use that one and I'll have to go back and search for open access journals that fit the topic I wanted to discuss, or try and make do with all the information I can get out of the abstract.

The other problem is reaching a smaller audience. Not everyone who reads, likes to read about science or health related posts most the time, at least that's my opinion. Mainly those who are fascinated by science and love to read about it will read science articles and science blogs.

When I started science blogging I was convinced I would probably have only 1 or 2 readers maximum, however I have been lucky and my blog is seen by loads of people around the world, so I'd like to say: Hello, Welcome and Thank you so much for reading and I hope you continue to become regular visitors to my blog!