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Types of Science bloggers: 30 Day Blogging Challenge (Day 8)

When it comes to science bloggers, not all science bloggers are the same. Every science blogger tries to find their own, unique way to cover science and what they want to say. 

This list covers 5 types of science bloggers that you may come across over the internet. Take a look...

1- The One that blogs about pure Chemistry/Physics/Biology

This blogger is dedicated to their subject. Their blog revolves around the latest news in their specific subject, fun posts and maybe some lab photo posts (some may also fit into the PhD category #3)

Example: Chemistry blog

2- The One that blogs infographics

This blogger provides their audience with a supporting infographic to their post. Just recently, colourful and informative infographics have become famous and are a way to engage readers with scientific content. 

Example: Compound Interest

3- The One that blogs their PhD experience

This type of blogger types up their entire PhD experience (depending on when they started blogging) giving everyone an insight into their PhD, their thesis, the good days, the bad days and everything in between. 

Example: Colorblind Chemistry and Graduable

4- The One that was/is a science writer turned blogger 

The science / writer turned blogger has (enviable) experience in the writing and publishing field.  Their posts are immaculate and focus on a range of topics, they are also one of the first science bloggers who opened the doorway to science blogging. 

Example: Just Like Cooking / See Arr Oh

5- The One that blogs with photographs

This blogger is one of my favourites. They usually blog their work in the laboratory, uploading interesting photographs of their lab work / a colourful reaction they'll be working on. 

Example: Pictures of an Organic Chemistry Laboratory 

Think you can add to this list? Comment below!