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Happy Birthday Crystals and Catalysts!

Happy Birthday, Blog!

It’s been a year since my blog Crystals and Catalysts has been launched! I cannot believe its been a year already.
I started this blog a year ago today (5th August 2014) , not expecting that it would get far across the world as it has. I've had a lot of amazing readers from USA, Germany, Turkey, Belgium, Ukraine, Netherlands, Brazil, Japan, Greece, U.A.E, Canada and the list goes on!

I aimed to write about science in a way everyone would understand it and enjoy it, as much as I enjoy writing about it; and also clear up any pseudoscience posts and infographics that find their way around the internet.

What else can I say? Oh yes! Thank you for reading. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Here's to many more years to come!

Also comment below, how you found Crystals and Catalysts.