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DNA. DNA is the delicate and intricate molecule that decides everything about us. Who we are. What we'll look like. And most importantly: our health. DNA is all our details and information stored into a delicate molecule.
DNA trail 
This summer you can take part in an extraordinary event across London, in support of Cancer Research UK, there are over 21 DNA double helix sculptures scattered across London. They will be up until the Sunday 6th September 2015, then they will be auctioned by Christie's at the end of September. 

Designers, artists, architects and sculptors — including Jane Morgan and Orla Kiely — have all made their mark on the double helix sculptures, which can be seen everywhere from King's Cross to Chelsea. Some — like Zaha Hadid and Ben Shine — have created their own DNA strands.

Also, each sculpture has a fun fact about DNA written on the base. For example, did you know that you share about 90% of your DNA with a mouse, and about 50% with a banana?All of the proceeds raised at auction will go to the Francis Crick Institute, a new centre of biomedical research that will help Cancer Research UK beat cancer sooner.
See the trail map HERE to find all the sculptures.  And click HERE to find out more on the Cancer research UK website.

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