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Science Not Silence

Can you imagine a world without politics?
Would the world be a better place without politics? 
Or would humans invent politics anyway, if it didn't exist? 
I try to stay away from politics as much as possible because it's a definite prescription for stress and fluctuating blood pressure. But when it coincides with your life and career, you can't ignore it. Especially when science collides with politics. Both divisions are not exclusive, they both affect the economy, education and healthcare. 
During my search through the internet on the connection between science and politics, I found a quote from an article that summarises the link in one simple sentence: "Science is the pursuit of knowledge, knowledge is power, and power is politics" [10]

Politicians play a big role in the funding of scientific research and how big a budget is set up for each specific research area. But it's not always about restrictions, sometimes politics can play a good role in science, where…

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