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Why we need to talk WITH anti-vaxxers - Opinion Piece

(Arabic translation below) The beauty of the human race is in our differences and our differences in opinions. But often, some strong opinions held by a group of people can lead to detrimental effects on our planet and our health (i.e climate change deniers and the anti-vaccination movement). Basically what I'm trying to say is that we need to stop expecting ignorance and think of a new way to engage in an active discussion with anti-vaccinators in the hope of fixing the damage caused by the anti-vaccination movement.

تغييرات جديدة------New Changes

English translation below!👇👇 : بروح الشمولية في التواصل العلمي ، قررت أن اجعل من مشاركتي على وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي ثنائية اللغة وأن أقدم ترجمة باللغتين الإنجليزية والعربية. تلك اللغتين هم لغتي الأم وما أستخدمه يومياً للتواصل مع الجميع ، فلماذا لا يتم نشره على مشاركتي؟ وبمرور الوقت ، سيتم تجميع اللغه العربيه أيضًا ليشمل مشاركات مدونتي {بلورات و محفزات} حيث أعتاد على هذا التغير وأتمنى أن تستمتعوا بالمشاركات الجديدة بقدر استمتاعي بها.  : :

Seven things I wish I knew before I started my master's degree (PART 2)

So you've got your place, registered with your university and ready to study, study, study! So here are a few study tips from my personal experience.

Tips on how to apply for a masters degree and secure your place (PART 1)

Returning to academia... A masters degree is a big deal and a serious financial decision so it needs a lot of thought before you begin the application process and you need to be able to answer the following questions before reading the rest of this post.

Has Science Found An Elixir of Eternal Youth?

Why are we obsessed with eternal youth and dreams of living forever? And can it really lead us to new scientific breakthroughs?

Four Years of Science Blogging and Communicating Science!

I almost completely forgot that exactly four years ago today, I launched my blog! 🎊 Four years ago!  I've not been active on my blog lately, mainly because I'm working on my dissertation and my future career steps after my masters is finally over🕐😭

My First Published Article in Kinesis Magazine

As most of you know, one of my goals is to become a published science writer... and part of that is becoming a reality! With my first magazine article that has been published in Kinesis Magazine (a student-led magazine in UCL ). “More Research is Needed” and Other Clichés My article is an analysis of the use of the phrase "more research is needed" and other paraphrases, where we look at the implications of the phrase and how the 'public' receives that phrase, especially when it is coming from a scientist -- who is expected to know all the answers and have conclusive results... Have a read through my first article and let me know what you think in the comments!