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What is a scientist doing inside an art gallery? (instapost)

What is a scientist doing inside an art gallery? 🔻English translation below🔻 ماذا يفعل العالم داخل معرض فني؟

Favourite SciArt Works - 30 Day blogging Challenge (Day 25)

Some #sciart in light of the #NYCBlizzard RT @TomKierein : Another frozen bubble pic by Candice Trimble — SciArt (@Sci_Art) January 27, 2015 #SciArt leaf prints with linocut organic molecules responsible for their colours #printmaking — Ele Willoughby (@minouette) March 7, 2015 Trending now on #Biocanvas - titanium carbonide crystals #chemistry #sciart #microscope — Biocanvas (@biocanvas) December 7, 2014 Amazing Photographs Of Drugs Under The Microscope #microscopy #sciart — GE Life Sciences (@GECellBiology) July 15, 2014 Crystals vibrating to hue of Love. -CB " #art @CRoullardArt #MicroCrystal my piece "Crystal Rock Garden" #SciArt " — Carl Barbarotto (@Carlolight) April 22, 2015 The infectious beauty of salt transforming metal. S

Thoughts on SciArt - 30 Day blogging Challenge (Day 24)

If you love both science and art, Twitter was a wonderful place to be last March. #SciArt week, which officially ran from March 1st through the 7th, was initiated by  Symbiartic bloggers Glendon Mellow, Kalliopi Monoyios and Katie McKissick, who  encouraged  science artists of all types of backgrounds to come together and tweet their work to the world.  The product was a storm of  scientific illustrations, paintings, sculptures and animations, that  the Internet had never seen before.  Their original goal was to get a total of 1600 #SciArt tweets a day but within the first 24 hours they managed to reach 4000 tweets of scientific illustrations and paintings and other artworks. SciArt is a great way of representing science using art and photography. It also shows how beautiful science can be and encourage the love of science through art. Although  #SciArt is overloaded with biology related artworks it needs more chemistry artworks. This could be due to the lack of popularity of

Amazing Science Images Courtesy of SciArt

[(Update:  On Monday, 4,893 tweets were shared with the #SciArt hashtag; the first 3 days have totaled 11,695 tweets! Results generated from  Results from Symbiartic  )] As of March 1st, the Symbiartic team aspires to boost the number of images available within science communication and culture; so everyone is invited to join the hashtag #SciArt on  twitter. So far there have been hundreds of thousand of tweets dedicated to #SciArt which has made it one of the top trending topics on twitter.  ScientificAmerican blog imagines: "IF, for 1 week, half the people on that list tweeted 3 pieces of art, and retweeted others at least 5 times, all in one day. That’s   1,600 tweets containing #SciArt per day; 11,200 in a week . That will cause people to notice. Editors, journalists, researchers, educators, and maybe beyond."  The ScientificAmerican blog has more information here  to help you find out more and join the SciArt twitter storm.