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3 tips on Taking Notes in a Meeting or Lecture | The Pocket Chemist AD | Instapost

I’m so glad to partner with @geniuslabgear to provide you with 15% off on The Pocket Chemist, use the code “CRYSTALS15” on their website.  View this post on Instagram AD | Today I thought I’d share 3 tips on taking notes in a meeting or lecture: 1️⃣Don’t write everything on the slides - they’re always shared later - write the useful information the lecturer/speaker is saying 2️⃣Find the best, most comfortable way you take notes, this can be via notepad and pen, iPad or on your laptop, whatever helps you retain information 3️⃣Rewrite your notes after the meeting/lecture in an organised and tidy way so you can re-read them, it can help with retention of information, or you’ll be able to share them with teammates. . . If you’re a chemistry student, something that can help you have tidy notes, is the pocket chemist. This is something I wish I had when I was studying all those years ago. Your benzene rings will always have equ