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Podcast: Coming soon! | Instapost

Yes! I'm launching a podcast! A couple of days ago, I announced on my stories that I have recorded my first podcast episode with a special guest. It's the first episode in my   #STEMlockdowndiaries   series where we'll get to learn from people in STEM and how they're handling the pandemic, especially in their studies and careers. My podcast is an extension to my blog (so same name and branding) and I hope you will enjoy listening to it and benefit from the tips that each guest has to offer. . Drum role please 🥁 My first guest is the fantastic  @neurosciencebarbie  ! Faviola will talk about her PhDs and experience running  @neuro_vr  during the pandemic plus how she balances all of them together⚖️ . I really hope you will enjoy listening to our chat. . LAUNCHING SOON (Date TBC - still editing!) 🌟 View this post on Instagram A post shared by Mariam Zaki, MSc🖊 (@scicommography)