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Happy 2 Years Crystals and Catalysts!

Happy 2nd Birthday to my blog! - what have I achieved in the last two years?

I cannot believe it's been two years since I started blogging about science (where does time go?!)
But I guess time flies when you're having fun...

I dived into the deep end when I started this blog, after being hesitant to start it for about a year. Now it's something I am very happy and proud to have initiated and made it into a "portfolio" for my writing - which I'm still working on, still practising (I am not a professional - yet! ;) ).

Why I started my blog?

Becuase I wanted a career change. After I graduated I didn't feel like my place was in the lab. Not that I hate working in the lab, actually the opposite, I loved it. But I think that as much as the world needs great scientific research it also needs great science communication.

What have I gained so far?
  1. My job as a junior medical writer in medical communications! (although medical communications is completely different from science communications, my blog was a good example of my writing skills which got me the job at a renowned med comms agency. A future post on medical communications vs. science communications will be coming on this blog.)
    1. Learning the different types of science communication and when and where they are used
    2. Being able to research different scientific topics whilst writing about them 
    3. Great readers - obviously! Thank you for reading. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!
    Here's to many more years to come! 


    1. Hi there, just wanted to say I really love going through your blog since I bumped into it a few months ago. I myself am in the process of setting up my personal science blog and I must admit I have got most of my inspiration from yours! Congrats and keep writing!

      1. Thanks for reading and commenting Soumya, and I wish you all the best with your own science blog. Looking great so far! :)


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