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New research for more efficient carbon capture

Journal : Tuning Organic Carbon Dioxide Absorbents for Carbonation and Decarbonation:
Dr's: Kim, Park &  Rajamanickam
Funded by Ministry of Education. Science and Technology of the Korean Government

Carbon dioxide (CO2 ) is a gas / waste product that is given off by motor engines and with it other harmful gases that affect us and affect pollution and air quality. In this new piece of research the trio of scientists have aimed to find a way to capture carbon and recycle it, from carbon dioxide and at the same time release the safe molecule oxygen (O2).

In their research the scientists have aimed to manipulate the unique chemistry of super bases for carbon capture technology. It is beneficial to be able to control the process of carbonation and decarbonation in an easily controllable manner.

·         Superbase = alkylcarbonyl salt
·         Reverse at elevated temperatures in organic solutions
·         Gives insight into the design and optimization of organic carbon dioxide absorbents
·         Improved solvent systems can significantly reduce the energy cost of regeneration which is in great demand

The scientists found that the thermal stabilities of guanidinuim alkyl carbonates (the super base) are readily tuneable by altering the concentrations of super base/protic solvent/aprotic solvent mixtures. The protic and aprotic solvents act as stabilizers and destabilizers, respectively of the alkyl carbonate salt.  The ternary mixtures are versatile CO2 capture agents whose temperatures of carbonation and decarbonation are tuneable over a wide range.  

Finally, the highly tuneable characteristics will allow the absorbents to be used for effective purification of CO2 containing mixed-gases, not just to control carbon dioxide emissions, but also be able to produce value added gases by removing CO2 impurities under anhydrous conditions. The solvent effects can have other uses in new switchable solvent /soft materials systems. 

Infographic: Click to enlarge.