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Four Years of Science Blogging and Communicating Science!

I almost completely forgot that exactly four years ago today, I launched my blog! 🎊
Four years ago! 

I've not been active on my blog lately, mainly because I'm working on my dissertation and my future career steps after my masters is finally overπŸ•πŸ˜­
Everything blog related is postponed till September, where I'll start blogging about what I've been working on in the past year (also dissertation tips) and things I wish I'd known before starting a masters degree. πŸŽ“

In the meantime I thought I'd share with you, my most read blog posts, the ones you really enjoyed!

Starting off with a series on scientists: Scientist of the week 5: Elsie Widdowson

A bit of psychology... Why do we remember bad memories easier than good ones?

A recent-ish, STS themed post, asking the question: Are we as science communicators, doing our job?

A badly phrased question, to a really important answer: Does the public trust clinical trials?

One for the people who s…

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