Mariam - London U.K.
Before turning to scientific communications, I obtained a Medicinal Chemistry degree at university which led me to create Crystals and Catalysts as a way to communicate science with everyone and build a portfolio of science articles. Soon after, I joined an international medical communications company as an editorial assistant where I realised that there’s still more to my academic journey and so I made the conscious decision to return to “graduate school” to study a master’s of science degree (literally – it’s the study of science) at one of the best universities in London.  
As blogger-in-chief and creative director of Crystals and Catalysts, Mariam started crystals and catalysts to write all about chemistry; hence the name Crystals and Catalysts which was derived from two things: Crystals - one of the most common product chemists synthesise in the laboratory and also the most intriguing, and Catalysts - the substances that encourage reactions to happen. But coming from an interdisciplinary course and job, I couldn’t keep this blog all chemistry focused and expanded it to a science blog, including more intriguing posts discussing science, research and the relationship between science and the public.
In 2016 Feedspot listed Crystals and Catalysts as one of the Top 50 chemistry websites & blogs online.
Copyright: The copyright to the articles on this blog site belongs to the creator, Mariam Zaki. All blog posts were created outside of my employment for the original purpose of posting on this site.