About Me

Created out of a passion for all things chemistry and biology related, Crystals & Catalysts is a science & health blog that is inspired by the latest updates in science news such as the as the Ebola outbreak to the benefits of coconut water.

The name Crystals and Catalysts was derived from two things: Crystals, from one of the most common product chemists synthesise in the laboratory and also the most intriguing, and Catalysts are the substances that encourage reactions to happen.

In 2016 Feedspot listed Crystals and Catalysts as one of the Top 50 chemistry websites & blogs online.

Welcome to Crystals & Catalysts, I hope you enjoy your read and make this website your primary destination for all your science and health news!
Copyright: The copyright to the articles on this blog site belongs to the creator, Mariam Zaki. All blog posts were created outside of my employment for the original purpose of posting on this site. 

About Me: My name is Mariam Zaki and I am a science writer based in London, United Kingdom. Before turning to scientific communications, I obtained a Medicinal Chemistry degree at university. I write on a wide range of different scientific and therapeutic topics, and I am always up for the challenge of exploring new and intriguing branches of science I may not have covered before. 
I hope you will find this blog useful and fun, and don’t hesitate leaving a comment with your opinion on any topic discussed on this blog... 

At #46 my blog has been chosen as one of the Top 50 Science blogs on the internet!!