Pearly Whites = Perfect Health [Info-graphic]

Our teeth make up one of our most important features: our smile. So it's obvious we'd want to find the best possible ways to look after them and make sure they're in the best condition they could be in and also avoid the dentist at all costs! 
In the UK at least 15% of adults have severe periodontitis caused by bacteria residing in “bio-films” or dental plaque causing the inflammation and swelling of the oral tissue surrounding our teeth.Even if there are updated ways to treat periodontitis; prevention is better than treatment.  Our oral health is also vital to our general health so keeping our teeth in the best condition is vital. A study has even concluded that our nutritional diet is key to our oral health and is vital for overall health promotion, disease prevention and intervention.  
Here are some useful tips in to help us look after our teeth and keep them pearly white. Illustration by Ghergich & co. Thank you Ghergich & co for letting me share this detailed and useful infographic.